Stop Hunger Now, SA

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with social media, however there are many times I look at a social media platform & go, “I would’ve never known about this!” had it not been posted/tweeted/snapped or instagrammed! 

The Information Age we live in can be daunting at the best of times, overwhelming to a point of fear & snycism and more relevant & vital in everyday life than we could’ve ever imagined possible! 

So today’s post would’ve not been possible without (sounding like an acceptance speech much) a tweet about an organization called Stop Hunger Now SA !

The name alone got my attention. Then upon further investigation I did a double take when I saw Graca Machel, Chief Patron for SHNSA donning an apron & hair net, packing meals at Mandela Day. I was curious but most importantly I have a burning desire to “Be The Change”, I’m so keen to help in any way that will make a difference & this initiative is too powerful & important not to share!

Stop Hunger Now was established in USA in 1998 by Dr Ray Buchanan & is an international organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life saving aid worldwide. SHNSA started in 2009 & is a volunteer based meal packing & results oriented nutrition programme with two full time operations in Cape Town & Gauteng

The focus is on reaching the hungry and children is particular. With statistics such as 3.165 million children suffering from household hunger in SA, this initiative restores hope for hungry children in our country. 

One could donate, volunteer or host an event. I volunteered at the first ever SHNSA meal packing event in Bloubergstrand leading up to my birthday. My social media tag was “No better way to spend a Saturday than with SHNSA” and it was truly fulfilling. We met & introduced ourselves to the organizer. Thereafter watched a SHNSA movie clip done by the hilarious Suzelle DIY & before we knew it we were in the production line & ready to go!

Upon hearing the bell we were measuring, packing, sealing & eagerly awaiting the sound of the bell signaling how many meals were being packed as the clock ticked. The meals could moly to UNICEF standards and are highly nutritious. It was such fun & we got to meet so many like us, literally making a difference! Upon the final bell we looked up and had packed 60 boxes in an hour & a half which meant that 12 744 children would receive meals! It was a feeling like no other whe. I looked up at that screen…pride, humility, content, sadness & happiness, gratitude…

It’s something you should experience as words do not do it justice so I suggest you check out Stop Hunger Now SA & volunteer a few hours of your time, make it a family experience or get a group of friends together in celebration of your birthday, suggest it to HR & do it as team building with colleagues. However you decide, I urge you to just do it & know that you literally saved a life…

Until next time and as I proudly sport my ‘I fed the hungry today’ badge I’d like to thank Twitter for this life changing opportunity!

Nadia xo xo 

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