Sai Kung: A Paradise, A Home and A Past

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What an Amazing World!

View from the Start of the Hiking Trail The View from the Start of the Hiking Trail

We are standing at a bus stop in Sai Kung, a town with relaxing ambiance in the New Territories, anything but similar with the busy downtown of Hong Kong Island. It is a Wednesday morning in January with clear blue skies, a nice break from the usually grim Hong Kong winter days. While James is looking carefully at the bus schedule information board nearby, one minibus is waiting near the bus stop, already full with passengers. We continue standing there, talking about the town while waiting for our minibus to arrive.

A few seconds later James takes a better look at that minibus then walks slowly towards it with me following behind. Apparently that is the minibus we should take, and it is ready to leave very soon. “Are there still seats for two people?” James inquires. He then signals me…

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Thursdays Thought

A little share with my readers on this beautiful Thursday…

I’ve tons of ideas & posts to share however am in the midst of settling into our new home & in a new city, with my lovely man & our three fur babies!

Watch this space as I share my experiences – Kwa-Zulu Natal girl goes to Jozi & now settling in Cape Town!

Until after all the unpacking a done 😉