Shear delight!

Experiment all you want, your tresses will grow back 😉 It’s been something I’ve always said & certainly still believe.

Through the years I’ve gone from the short tomboy look – longing for tresses; to long “spiral curls” (giving away my age here); to the only red head in my family!

I’ve had experimental bits of blonde; an incredibly deep winter violet; sleek jet black & most recently an unintentional ombré!

Currently I’m au naturale – but longing for some highlights!

I also believe that my relationship with my stylist is a personal affair – there’s an amount of trust placed in him/her. Having not been to a stylist in a long time I called up Daleen, a stylist that had been with Gary Rom for years but due to impending closure at her branch, had now moved to the renowned PHD Hairdressing in the trendy suburb of Greenside, Johannesburg.

From the second I got to the front door & was greeted by name & ushered inside (to me the small things matter), I already felt at home at PHD!

Stylish setting

Stylish setting

It was agreed, the plan of action was a side fringe & a desperately needed trim. I enjoy Daleen being my stylist as she never imposes her will on me. She listens & gives me expert advice however the end decision is always mine!

As I settled at the wash room I enjoyed the music, lighting & sights of 5th Avenue. I had my hair washed which followed conditioning & a luxuriating massage.

When I got to the stylists chair I was ready for a delicious cappuccino & for my eagerly awaited do.

Sights of 5th Avenue

The end result was what I would call alluring! I loved the style, the shine & just the way it made me feel!

Daleen & a happy client

Daleen & a happy client

I’m a sucker for good nourishment so my eye caught the Kevin Murphy range of products. I enquired on this Australian brand & the toss up was between Redken & the Kevin Murphy Plumping Line…the little bunny logo proudly announcing that every supplier of every product used in this brand was not tested on animals got my absolute vote! I’ve used it a few times & I’m hooked!

So whilst this is not a sponsored blog, if you’re in need of a good hairstylist I can certainly recommend PHD & specifically Daleen!

If you are fussy in terms of what products you use, try the range from Kevin Murphy, you will truly enjoy it!

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

If not take a look at the website for something you may enjoy as they stock everything from Tangle Teezer to Veaudry to name a few brands, and even have the great brand Bluebeards Revenge if you’d like to spoil your man!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on PHD if you’ve been there or your favs & not-so-favs…lets share those hair stories lovelies!

So until my next blog remember that life’s too short for a bad hair day!

Loving the look!

Loving the look!

Nadia xo xo